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Sunday, 23 August, 2015

How possible for someone who knows neither when he was created nor when he will die talk of any knowledge about this world to design his own way of life? Can we provide manure for what we have no knowledge about or what we did not manufacture or created? I am waiting for the time when people will realize their foolishness. 
People ask for change and the change has come but they have forgotten that the only person that is making the change possible will not spend more than eight years in office and after that his legacy will be erased. Before saying no! We should ask of the legacy left by Tafawa Balewa, Muritala Muhammad and other prominent leaders who we all cherished for their truthfulness. This is to say no matter what Buhari did to put this country on the right path, some people will still come, those who cherish this world than the hereafter, who are materialistic in nature to destroy whatever he might have erected because the system is not ideal for the nature of our life. Those past leaders we all speak about were reformed by Islam and that was why they were able to deliver and the reason history has never forgotten their past. 
The chief characteristic of Islam is that it makes no distinction between the spiritual and the secular life. Its aim is to shape both individual lives as well as society as a whole in ways that will ensure that the Kingdom of Allah may really be established on earth and that peace, contentment and well-being may fill the world. Islam is a religion that is entirely in conformity with the nature of man. Because, it is Allah Who is pleased with Islam as a religion for man, and it is He Who has created him(man). So the freedom and the type of change people desire can only be achieved through Islamic system and not human ideology.
Ameer Ta’awun

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